I recently uploaded to my personal YouTube channel a couple of videos about Spacefields. The first one tries to give you an idea about the features you could find in the A-RPG aspect of the game. The other one looks pretty similar but I introduce the multiplayer co-op as well.

I leave you with both videos. But I would like to remind you that I’m currently in a very basic and early prototype. I mean, there are no “real graphics”, just primitives I use to focus on the gameplay. As I stated in my previous post, I will change all the current models and part of the GUI in the very next version of the game.

I sincerely had no intention to share these early videos with anyone. However, I think both are a good base to take into account. They seem to reflect the idea I have in mind about the A-RPG side. Furthermore, I wanted to show you the end of this version -0.1- before I begin moving on to the next one, which we’ll see a complete graphics overhaul.

For more details, please read the description of the first video.

SP – Single Round (A-RPG) early prototype

MP – Single Round (A-RPG) early protoype