Monthly Archives: February 2013

New game-court in action

I’d like to share with all of you a recent video about the new game-court in action, which includes nice light effects as pulse and intensity. All this work, however, will be polished as time passes, so expect for new updates in a future. Anyway, I think it´s a good work we can keep by now.

I’m focusing right now with the “walls”. I put the quotation mark because the final result will not be just “walls” like in the prototype video. I’ll give you more details in few days.

For the record, the next video highlights the core of the game: frenetic gameplay, intense loot and, in a future, different strategies to defeat your enemie -discs, skills, weapon types, etc…-. Enjoy!

Working on the court

The path to the v0.2 has begun and, as I stated, I want to try to get in touch more often and share my progresses in a much active manner. 

Let’s begin. Yesterday I took care of the new skybox texture, along with its correct movement and deepness. At present, it is not more than the empty space. However, in a future, it will be filled with other stuff.

Today I left ready a good base for the game court. It was much more laborious because I wanted a very specific effect I was not archiving. Finally, after persist, I got the result I was looking for.

The image shown below is an in-game image of the new ground model/texture base I am talking about. It is not finished. Now it is shorter than it will be.

For the record, notice that there are no walls anymore. At the begging my intention was to put one model I have been developing, but I was not convinced at all. So, I finally decided something different that I think it will suit perfectly with the Spacefields idea. I cannot give more details though.

Maximum Tron Style!

End of v0.1

I finally put the version to end. In short, I am proud to say that multiplayer works pretty well right now. I just left something to do, but it will be done today,so it is not an impediment to turn the page and begin with v0.2.

I want to remind to everybody that v0.2 will be focused in changing the prototype graphics for “real”ones. Consequently, the third version of the GUI will be a fact. It includes: a complete make-over to adapt it to the current game style,  new skill system, multiplayer adaptability, and something new that never have been implemented in the A-RPG genre. I can’t really say much more though.

If everything goes well, a rain of screenshots and new data will start hitting the blog along this version, so I hope to update this site more often.

v0.1, coming to end

I thought I could finish the current version before the end of the month, but I was wrong. 0.2 will have to wait until the next week at least. As you already know, current version is being focused on multiplayer, a completely unfamiliar field for me and where I am leaning along the way.

During this stage I have been finding different kinds of obstacles. The most recent one seems to have been taking me up quite a lot of time: network entity interpolation. I leave you an interesting link about this from Valve´s wiki.

The good news is that finally I got something similar working on Spacefields. It’s already implemented in one of the elements of the round -one that is not still present on the recent videos-, and soon I´ll introduce the same technique to the spaceships for better synchronization. Later, I´ll fix a couple of things -the most important ones- and I’ll put this version to end.