I thought I could finish the current version before the end of the month, but I was wrong. 0.2 will have to wait until the next week at least. As you already know, current version is being focused on multiplayer, a completely unfamiliar field for me and where I am leaning along the way.

During this stage I have been finding different kinds of obstacles. The most recent one seems to have been taking me up quite a lot of time: network entity interpolation. I leave you an interesting link about this from Valve´s wiki.

The good news is that finally I got something similar working on Spacefields. It’s already implemented in one of the elements of the round -one that is not still present on the recent videos-, and soon I´ll introduce the same technique to the spaceships for better synchronization. Later, I´ll fix a couple of things -the most important ones- and I’ll put this version to end.

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