This week I finished model, animation and U/V mapping of the “walls”. As you can see in the screenshot below, they are some sort of “space cones” armed with arms and one alarm in order to enhance your gameplay experience using colors and lights. If you are from the 80s, you’ll love it! So, if all goes well, I will start texturing the space cones next week and, later, I will try to upload a new video before moving on to the next model. Oh! And for the record, the on-field discs shape changed too. Now they look much better!

Furthermore, a new folk joined this pretty small dev team. Recently, he has been working on the save game system, so now we are able to save our inventory between rounds. In a future, he’ll also take care of the networking side of the game to enhance the experience further, including internet compatibility. Welcome aboard!

Space cone model (scene boundaries)

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