Before the Easter break we want to share with all of you a new screenshot: the new health and Naturium HUD in the A-RPG side. As you can see, the idea is similar to the health / mana pools of legendary games like Diablo / Torchlight that we are used to, but with the personal touch of Spacefields.

Although it’s not complete textured (laser walls, for example), we can talk more in depth about some interesting details. For example, the pilot light above. These will indicate our general status in the corresponding meter: green, 3/4-4/4-1, orange, and red 2/4-3/4, 0-1/4-2/4. More values are being adjusted and other strategies taken into account to get our attention efficiently at the required times.

Finally, there is also progress in the prototype stage from the turn-based strategy mode: grid generation, player ship, basic info sectors, turns, etc. More news coming soon. :)

New Health and Naturium HUD

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