New released video showing the current progress of the ARPG side of the game. Here you´ll see the new HUDs in action (health/Naturium) and their respective boundaries for the actors represented by laser walls.

The graphics overhaul will move on the next week with the player spaceship. All the default pieces will be reworked, as well as the first droppable model. And when this work will be completed, I´ll focus all my attention to the first enemy model.

In the TBS aspect of the game, things are going smooth. My parter, who is responsible of this field, is working hard and smooth. We are also investigating different gameplay ways based on the original script. And for the record, the turn system is working great. We hope to show more things from here in a near future.

Finally, you will perceive a slightly change in the Score and Time HUDs. I would like to say that the current inventory, for the next version, will be remade in 3D as well, resulting in a very dynamic and attractive HUD. More information coming soon!

Hope you enjoy the new video. Cheers.


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