Almost all ARPG games have the famous resistances. Usually these are based from elements or different nature forces (fire, ice, arcane, poison, etc…) In Spacefields, the idea of bringing this sort of RPG system is strongly present. In fact, the current GUI in the spaceship tab has already the indicators.

1.1 – Sneak view of the main resistance indicators (fire, electric, ice and naturium)

The use of resistances in Spacefields will become a very important aspect of the game, turning it a little bit strategic in the middle of a round. For example, weapons have their own damage type, so if you shoot with a naturium-based gun, you’ll have more chances to defeat enemies which are weak to it. However, the most interesting of this is that you’ll be able to equip up to three guns. All of them will be switchable in real-time just using your mouse wheel, giving you some critical decisions over your opponents in just a fraction of second.

Upper slot: main weapon. At the bottom, secondary weapon (AOE) assembled to the gun.

Furthermore, you will have another slot that represents an assembly to your main weapon (fig 1.2) with an area of effect attack property (AOE) that will boost your chances to sweep out the field very fast.

Apart from all this, I think that most of the people who is reading this entry will be wondering “WTH is naturium?” Naturium is like the “mana” of Spacefields. It is some kind of alien “fuel” used by the spacefields machinery to attack and resist to. It acts like any other resistance with a few more properties.

In a near future I hope to explain a little bit further all the main aspects of a round -RPG side-, and where I am heading. But, to get a sense of where the idea goes, the main goal is to build a truly frag-fest experience but without forgetting some strategics concepts. We’ll talk more deeply about this side, like resistances, fast weapon switch and other new concepts -skill-craft system using numeric keys, discs on screen that provide some bonifications, score aimed to reward you, powerUps system, etc…- Think that your mind have to explode -literally- while the round is active! Anyway, this fast-paced action will represent a very high contrast side comparing with the RTS aspect of the game. But all this stuff deserves another blog entry. :-)

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