First of all, I’d like to say that Spacefields is a small project that I would like to take it further. I want to highlight that all the collaboration from people of everywhere is essential in this stage, so keep in mind I’ll consider every comment/opinion about the way the project might go. The game, still undated to release, is born with some initial ideas that I’ll expose right now.

The main features of the game are:

A-RPG side

  • Destroy hordes of enemies in a A-RPG style. Combining some of the great classics games of all time -Space Invaders, Arkanoid and Diablo-, Spacefields offers you a truly frag-fest where you’ll literally slaughter your enemies while they go through the fields. Pick up all the loot from them and organize your inventory -equip items, crafting resources, recipes, etc..- There are also PowerUps, a pure arcade-style feature!
  • In the same context, you will have at your disposal a dynamic and experimental skill-craft system, where every new game is a new adventure. You will be able to specialize in a pure destroyer spaceship or, maybe, in a stealth-based one. Do you like engineering? Then let your crafted droids to make part of the dirty job for you.
  • Sockets! Combine resources and make powerful gems to add to your items. They’ll become unique!
  • Arcade score system. As long as you destroy more enemies, better economic rewards you’ll get at the end of the round. Spend your credits cleverly! Do not ever think in dying. The DNA regeneration process is costly!
  • And many other surprises…
RTS Side:
Translating… Sorry for the inconvenience.

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